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The Rattler

2016-2017 Staff

Austin Wallace

Staff Writer

Austin is the funniest and coolest person you will ever meet. He’s starred in many movies such as Step Brothers, Elf, Talladega Nights, and Zoolander. Austin is verified on twitter @WillFarrell, follow him

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Frank Macomber

Staff Writer

Frank is a Senior Football player who loves The Office and who is majorly into politics.

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Drew Garcia

Multimedia Editor

Drew Garcia is that one kid with the camera. Beware if you are a good candidate for a video he will find you no matter what. Also enjoys making people laugh and smile

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Caley Kuberry

Staff Writer

Caley Kuberry is a short 17 year old that is in her last year of high school. She was a part of ASB from 7th grade to 10th grade, and is now a part of the peer leaders program as she ends her high school days. You can always find...

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Daniel Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Daniel Rodriguez is a 17 year old enthusiastic high school student. He is very outgoing and fun to be around. Some people say he's "the coolest guy at Serrano". (I personally think he is) He plays varsity baseball for the school...

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Alyssa Brewer

Staff Writer

Alyssa Brewer is a 17 year old senior here at Serrano. She is on the varsity cheer team. Alyssa enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her friends.

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Abigail Woodward

Staff Writer

Abigail Woodward is a 17 year old Serrano High School senior that enjoys watching movies, writing poems and songs, and, of course, hanging out with her friends. Her friends would say she is funny, but her jokes are lame and she...

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Sarah Nolt-Caraway

Sports Editor

Sarah is a high school senior that doesn’t really want to write this article. She enjoys writing sports articles and stats for the high school football team. She is very interested in politics and will probably write politic...

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Riley Holman

Features Editor

Hi, I’m Riley Holman. I play lots of volleyball and I enjoy exploring, traveling, and lifestyle topics. I love the beach, I’m usually there more than I am home on the weekends. I come from a very athletic family, my grandp...

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Abi Andruski

Website/Design Editor

Abi Andruski, the Sophomore, is the youngest member of the Rattler, again, but manages to sass the Upperclassman all she wants. She may be little but is full of sass that at times is communicated through the window(since she ho...

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Kyle Vyfvinkel

Staff Member

Kyle is a person that at first impression appears extremely biased and hateful of others, but on further exposure is someone who cares dearly for the betterment of all people and uses taboo language casually to help thicken the sk...

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Kelly Hauk

Humor Editor

Kelly Hauk is a 17 High School Senior, with a serious chocolate addiction. She enjoys writing, baking, and acting. Kelly also likes to read and her favorite author depends on her mood, but at the moment it is Marissa Meyer. Her...

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Manny Flores

Staff Member

Manny is your most dedicated lover of food. 17 years old and very committed to soccer. A music connoisseur. Very competent and skilled when it comes to writing. Not to mention his obsession with money....

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Dexter Martin

Entertainment Editor

Dexter Martin is a seventeen year old high school student.  He is a devout stage kid, and starring on Broadway is his dream career.  He enjoys a multitude of different hobbies, a select few of those being singing, songwritin...

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Jessica Dickens

News Editor

Jessica Dickens is a 16 year old Junior here at Serrano High School. This is her second year on the SHS Rattler Staff. She competes in the California High School Rodeo Association. She attends and is currently a Youth Leader at ...

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Jillian Burns

Business Editor

Jillian Burns is a senior at Serrano high school who is involved in varsity track and volleyball. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and her favorite place to go is to the beach. Jilli loves to watch Netflix, s...

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Zachery Srader


Zachery Srader is the current Co-Editor-In-Chief for the Rattler, the President of the Serrano Key Club, and the Treasurer of the Serrano National Honor Society. He has been writing for several years and has won several writi...

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The student news site of Serrano High School