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Cinnamon’s Bakery


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IMG_0832Kim Vodden has recently become the owner of Cinnamon’s Bakery, located in Wrightwood, CA, and many residents of Wrightwood and I met with her to see what she has in store for the future of the bakery.

Kim moved to Wrightwood a few years ago, and has had her “mind set on owning the bakery ever since seeing it.” She has been in the restaurant business for fifteen years, having jobs ranging from being a waitress to running a bagel shop.

Kim has known baking is her passion ever since she “was a little girl”, and with a wide range of experience, she knew she was ready to take on the responsibility of owning such a cherished restaurant in town.

As a Wrightwood resident, I have personally been coming to the bakery ever since I was a little girl. I would sometimes even walk from home to get my hands on a cinnamon roll. When I heard about the change in ownership, my initial reaction was fear that many of my beloved pastries would be changed. After seeing the changes Kim plans on making, I can confidently say I am optimistic for the bakery and children’s future enjoyment of cinnamon rolls and doughnuts.

Kim used to be a vegan,so she informed me that one of her passions is “bringing healthy food options to the community.” One of her goals has been to bring a new assortment of drinks to Cinnamon’s such as healthy juices and coconut water.

Kim plans on keeping most of the items of the menu the same. She wants to keep many of the old pastries while adding a few more. She respects that many customers will have an expectation of what they are going to get at the bakery, and she is also making an effort to keep prices the same.

Local Wrightwood resident, Tim Bacon, has been going to the bakery for several years now. He appreciates the fact that “she makes all of the doughnuts hand made,” claiming they might “even taste better than before.”IMG_0833

Another change Kim plans on bringing to the bakery is a new variety of breakfast and afternoon options. She wants the bakery “to be a place where kids can feel free to come to before or after school and have a snack.”  Some of her breakfast options include a breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich, doughnut sandwich, and biscuits and gravy.

Some afternoon sandwiches include Audrey’s meatloaf, the Flat Lander, and Buffalo Chicken. Wrightwood resident and sandwich lover, Kris Keene claims the Flat Lander sandwich is her favorite saying, “she tries to get one at least once a week.”

A member of the church Our Lady of the Snows, Joan Burns, has been coming to the bakery for roughly seven years now to pick up doughnuts for the service. She claims that Kim has “been nothing but kind and helpful” to her.

During the many times I have been to the bakery since Kim has taken over, I have seen and talked to an abundance of satisfied customers. She maintains a warm and comfortable  atmosphere in the bakery, and she seems to want to keep the same welcoming tone the bakery had before while creating some new, positive changes. I am very excited to see the future Kim plans on bringing to Cinnamon’s. Be sure to go by and check it out for yourself.



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Cinnamon’s Bakery