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Campus Cop Shares What it Means to be a School Police Officer


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As everyone knows, the school police officers are here to protect us as students as well as our school. What people don’t really notice is just how much the school police officers actually do.

Some may have the assumption that school police officers are “not real cops”.

School police officer Tim Mustaikis says that he “went through the exact same training” as any other police officer.

According to state standards, a School Police Officer must apply for the job, take an oral interview, pass a background investigation, a medical examination, and a psychological examination. Although Chief Mibeck assures that “most of our officers, however, have already passed a police academy or its equivalent.”

As far as after the training goes, becoming a school police officer is solely by choice. Tim says he chose to become a school police officer because “the school district called first”.

Being a school police officer presents the ability to experience the perfect balance between law enforcement and being able to teach and mentor. As Tim says the students are “all [his] kids”.

Dean Richards believes that “our school officers are awesome”. Although he does believe that “we could use a couple more though.”

The daily job of being a school police officer includes anywhere from monitoring traffic in front of school sites, to working with the deans, and even dealing with drama.

The campus officers operate under different rules than other employees in the district, “they are able to engage with students differently and can dissolve conflicts quickly”, confirms Dean Richards. A campus officer’s ability to carry arms offers a greater protection to our school that teachers and administrators are not permitted.

The chief of police (Bryce Mibeck) for the Snowline School District is in charge of “reading police reports, making policy, and arranging for police training for the officers and the purchase of police equipment. Once in awhile, I go out to the schools myself, when the officers need help or are too busy.”

Working with the Snowline School District, the officers carry a Taser, pepper spray, a retractable police baton called a “Peacekeeper”, a radio, and a duty handgun with extra magazines of ammunition. Officers also have rifles and shotguns in their police cars.

The presence of our school police reassure the fact that students will always have a safe place to come to here at school.

Gabe Vela (12) says that “Tim is lovely and buff, he is the perfect policeman to protect our lives while we’re here at school.”

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Campus Cop Shares What it Means to be a School Police Officer