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Track and Field Reigns Supreme


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It’s that time of year again when athletes from all the different sports come together and form the Diamondback Track and Field team.

The Diamondbacks head coach is Mr. Quinn, who is coaching the sprinters and distance teams. The jumping coaches are Mr. Sullivan at Highjump, Mrs. Fieler, Glen Russell at Pole Vault, Mrs. Elliot at Hurdles, and Willie Jones at the Long and Triple Jump. This year’s coaching staff added a former Serrano Track and Field athlete, Eric Davis, to help out with the sprinters.
So far the Diamondbacks have competed in seven different meets: Ontario Relays, Silverado Dual, Redondo Nike Invitational, Adidas Distance Invitational, the Sultana League Meet, and the Oak Hills League Meet. The record for both teams is 2-1 with only the Silverado, Sultana, Burroughs. and Oak Hills meets being on the record. Our girls and boys JV/Varsity teams won in the home match-up against Burroughs last Tuesday.
On February 25th the Diamondback’s competed in the Ontario Relays where the girls took first place, and the boys took fourth place out of 25 teams. At the Ontario Relays Quinton Lloyd (10) stated that he “received three of my personal records (PR’s) in the 400, 4×400, and in the long jump.” Several other athletes got their PR’s and medaled in several different events all throughout the meet.
Every year the track and field team has an away duel meet against Silverado. The all-time record between the girls is 5-4 in Serrano’s favor and 5-4 in favor of the Silverado boys. On March 2nd, the guys and girls junior varsity teams both won, while the varsity teams both feel short of points to pull for the win.
At the Redondo Nike Invitational, 150 athletes were entered, but only around 90 athletes were accepted to enter into this meet. This was an outstanding meet for several athletes with getting new PR’s and breaking records.
On March 10th, Garrett Kocab (12) shattered Serrano’s discus record of 178 feet, 11 inches, which was set back in 2007 by Karl Gehrke at the Redondo Nike Invitational, with 183 feet, 10 inches. In less than 24 hours of breaking the school record, Kocab was making newspaper headlines and receiving a lot of congratulations through various social media apps.
Kocab stated that “breaking the school record has been my goal since freshman year and now that I broke it, I want to take 1st place at State and throw 200 feet.” All of the coaches are ecstatic and happy for Garrett on breaking this record.
At the Ontario Relays tri meet, the Diamondbacks won the meet but have not received any results from the hosting team, Ontario. A good majority did extremely well, and several athletes got new personal records.
The Adidas Distance meet is only for the highest and farthest jumpers and the fastest runners. Only two of the varsity Diamondbacks, Jhavanah Holston (12) and Jacob Moran (10), made it into this meet. Both athletes competed at night for this meet and did extremely well. Moran ran the 3600 (2 mile) and got his personal record of 9:36 and was up in the top of the race for a long time. Holston ran the 800 meter (2 laps) and got his personal record of 1:57.
The Diamondbacks had their first league meet bringing them to a 1-0 record for league. All of the teams blew away the Sultans with the varsity boys winning 81-55, and JV boys winning 65-62. The varsity girls won 112-24, and the JV girls won 92-21. Several athletes received new personal records including Ashlyn Gage (10) at Pole Vault along with Isabella Montgomery (12).
Most recently Serrano went against the school rival Oak Hills Bulldogs and swept them off their feet. The girls won 92-44 and the guys won 71.66-64.33 with once again several new personal records achieved. Coach Quinn stated that he “honestly thought this might be the year Oak Hills finally got us.”
“Throughout the meet, both the boys and girls head coaches of Oak Hills approached me and told me that their kids were afraid to compete against Serrano. Serrano athletes are not afraid, and they rose to the occasion yesterday. It made me very happy to see how much pride they have in the D’back Nation,” Coach Quinn stated.
When asked how it felt to sweep on Oak Hills, junior thrower Jimmy Swegels stated that “it felt great because honestly Oak is Serrano’s enemy and the hatred for them runs deep in the Serrano programs, tacking another nail into the coffin just felt relieving and wonderful.”
At the Oak Hills meet, Kocab throw the discus farther than the tape measure could go and stated that “It was funny but felt good because I don’t like them and we are number one and that is how it is going to stay. If your not first you’re last. Let it rip.”
Several athletes stated that this year has been going amazing for them; however, Taylor Morris (9) stated that “its been okay considering I have been told that I have the form of an old man by Coach Eric.” Morris later went on to say that she gets in the zone by “listening to the Disney Moana and Frozen soundtracks” before she goes to compete.
One of the Diamondbacks pole vaulters, Carly Ewing (10) stated that she enjoys it because “pole vaulting is a lot different than anything I’ve ever done and my teammates make it fun.”
Freshman sprinter Rachelle Espetia, stated that when she “rounds the corner of the 200 it brings excitement to her” during her race and she wants to keep improving in her race so she can continue to better herself.
In track there are many different events from running sprints to distance, jumping, and throwing. Brittany Everely (10) stated that throwing is the one sport in track where “all the different sports like tennis players, football players, and soccer players can come together and make fun of each other while getting out your frustration.” She later went on to say this is where you can “grunt the loudest and nobody will judge you.”
With several students being close to breaking school records, Coach Quinn stated that he as a coach will help those athletes “by pushing them to demand excellence from themselves,” so they can break the records that have not been broken in a long time.
The Diamondbacks have several events coming up so come support them in their last home meet against Hesperia on April 18th.

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Track and Field Reigns Supreme