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Beyond Multimedia: MMA Visits Aquarium of the Pacific for Bonding, Biology


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Almost everyone knows about the MMA program here at Serrano (and MMA stands for Multi-Media Academy, not Mixed Martial Arts). But some people may not know exactly what exactly the teachers and students do in MMA and how it may benefit students.

Basically MMA is a program that provides the enrolled students the opportunity to learn about graphic design in society, how to create certain types works that deal with graphic design techniques, and even how to produce and edit films. The program also offers field trips for students.
Students and teachers often go on field trips to have fun and even learn some cool things. Examples include a nature getaway and Knott’s Berry Farm trip. One trip MMA had occurred in February. The trip was a whale-watching experience followed by a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
Kaylene deWindt, a sophomore enrolled in Serrano’s Multi Media Academy program, said “it was fun because … [she] saw some wild animals like seals and whales, and touched some really cool sea creatures.” Her “favorite experience [was] talking all of the pictures … of [her] friends and … exciting animals.”
Anahi Valdivia, a sophomore enrolled in Serrano’s Multimedia Academy program, “thought it was going to be fun because [she] heard many students from last year who went on the trip [and] said it was such an amazing trip.” To her, it “was honestly one of the best trips that [she] ever got to go on because [she] got to spend time with [her] friends and explore many new different things.”
Shane Robinson, another sophomore enrolled in Serrano’s Multi Media Academy program, had “never been whale watching” and “really wanted to try it.” By the end of the trip, he had a lot of fun because he was “able to see and touch some amazing creatures with [his] friends and just have a fun time.”
The trip was organized by Mr. Schneider, the biology and geology MMA teacher. The funding to conduct this trip free for its students was earned was “from [an] MMA grant.” “This was the third year” the MMA has participated in this trip.
According to Mr. Schneider ,“most students liked the trip.” He believes the students liked the trip because “whale-watching is always exciting” and “the Aquarium [of the Pacific] is always a great experience.” The popular “dissolved oxygen class that” the students experienced could also be a reason since it “was interesting and fun.”
According to Mr. Schneider, MMA conducts field trips is because “one way the grant money is supposed to be spent, as declared by the organization that funds MMA.”
Mr. Schneider personally enjoys the trip because it gives him a chance “to be with my students in a different environment, which allows [them] to bond.” He also enjoys “seeing gray whales [and] seeing the excitement on students faces when the dolphins swam next to the front of the boat.” Specifically this year, one MMA student, Garrett (10), “was chased by an unknown 3rd-grader.”
Just as Mr. Schneider experienced things that stood out to him, so did the students. Shane Robinson said his favorite thing about the trip was “going into the lorikeet habitat”, having the lorikeets fly on to him and his friends, and then having the lorikeets taking their food. “The weirdest thing [Shane] saw was the jellyfish. They were transparent and didn’t really care if [the class] touched them.” So basically, these jellyfish were nicer than the ones from Finding Nemo.
Anahi Valdivia’s “favorite experience of the trip would be getting on [the] boat and going whale watching because [she] got to [go] on sea and watch all the dolphins that would get near [her].” “The coolest thing I saw would probably be the dolphins swimming by the boat and jumping around”, but when they got close to the boat, she “was afraid that they were going to get hurt.”
Kaylene deWindt was “excited to see [all the] animals that [she hadn’t] seen before unless it was on TV.” “The coolest and weirdest thing [she] … saw was when [she] saw a blue frog. It was cool and weird because [she had] never seen a blue frog before because we live in the desert and blue frogs can’t live here. Plus it was blue which is an exciting color.”
Kaylene would “go on the trip again because [she] had a really fun time hanging out with all of [her] new friends and of course seeing all the cool animals.” If there was one thing “that would make the trip better, for [her], would be to have a more exciting activity than testing dissolved oxygen levels in the ocean.”
Anahi would “love to go on this same trip again because [she] think[s] [they] all had a great time with each other and a fun experience.” She believes “that it was perfect [and] couldn’t [have] been better.”

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Beyond Multimedia: MMA Visits Aquarium of the Pacific for Bonding, Biology