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Senior map: Serrano grads move on to higher ed


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The map below shows where a few seniors will be continuing the next chapter of their lives and furthering their education. College is a time for expanding your knowledge and meeting new people. Many of us seniors have been together from the very beginning and now we have the chance to get out of our town and experience new lifestyles and different areas.

(1) California State University Fresno

Regan Garner: She picked CSUF because her “family is near by, it is a good distance from home, has a fun, spirited college atmosphere, and has both majors [she is] looking for.  I’m looking forward to decorating my dorm and people visiting and being able to show them around my new life. I’m also looking forward to playing rugby and hopefully making new friends. And I think I’m supposed to say I’m looking forward to furthering my education.”

Zachery Srader: “I choose this college because it was the best option for me based on my living arrangement, cost of attendance, and distance. I’m most looking forward to the new experiences I will have; I will be meeting all new people, will be working, and will be responsible for all aspects of my life. I think I’m most excited for the new freedoms that I’ll have.”


(2) California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Jillian Burns:“I love the atmosphere there! Everyone is so kind, the weather is perfect, it’s right by the beach, it has a great connection with the town, and is ranked very high academically. I am most looking forward to meeting new people and starting new in a new area! There will be many exciting opportunities and chances and I can’t wait to see what my future holds!”


(3) University of California San Diego

Elizabeth Peterson: “I will be attending UCSD for Political Science and International Relations. I picked this college because it has a fantastic campus in La Jolla and their extensive Study Abroad program will allow me to travel the world, which is one of the main aspects of my major and future career that I am most excited about.

I am most looking forward to enjoying my independence and being able to have more say in planning my day to day schedule. I’m also looking forward to being able to attend more concerts and social events not offered in Phelan because it’s literally in the middle of nowhere.”


(4) University California Santa Cruz

Jaycee Favela: “UC Santa Cruz is a beautiful campus tucked away in the woods but also right on the coast. They have a great program for my major and it seems like a perfect fit for me. It’s also just over an hour drive from San Francisco which is super cool. I’m really looking forward to being independent and on my own. Meeting new people and making friends is probably what I’m most excited about.”


(5) University of California Irvine

Ryan Owings: Ryan chose UCI because “of its wonderful location and its teaching credential program within the history of department at the College of Humanities.”He goes on by saying “At UCI, I am excited to meet knew people and assert a sense of personal independence. I am looking forward mostly towards building connections with people who have similar interests with me and actually following my own passions.”


(6) California Lutheran University

Trey Brown: “I picked CLU because it’s in a nice area, the campus is awesome, and I get to play football. I am excited to meet new people continue playing football for a great school!”


(7) Northern Arizona University

Cole Chase: “I am going to NAU because I like the area and it has a great business program. I’m looking forward to it because I want to experience new things and be able to start a career.”

Josiah Battles: Josiah chose NAU because “it’s not close to home but it’s far enough” to be able to get home for holidays. Battles continues by saying  “They have a really good business program and I have great athletic opportunities there. The independent lifestyle is always exciting but I know it will be challenging.”


(8) University of Arizona

Riley Holman:  “I picked UA because it has always been a dream of mine to go there. I love the school spirit, the fact that ‘Zona is in the PAC12 conference, and the warm Arizona weather. The moment I stepped foot on campus for the first time, I knew Arizona was the place for me. I am most looking forward to a fresh start in a new place with new people. I am so excited to be a part of ZonaZoo at UA and meeting new people. BEAR DOWN BABY!”


(9) Portland State University

Rylan Duffy:Rylan will be attending PSU because of “their connections to the peace corps and beautiful scenery. I am very excited to leave the high desert and experience a new atmosphere”


(10) Boise State University

Hayley Shuagis: “I will be attending Boise State University in the fall. I chose BSU because it offers a good program for the major I want to pursue (Biochemistry with an emphasis on Forensic Science) and because of the location of the University. I am most looking forward to learning more about my specific interests and meeting new people.”

Michelle Emery: “I am going to BSU because it offers me everything that I could ask for in a university. It is ranked #3 on the list of adventure schools in the nation, the college is absolutely beautiful, the student involvement is phenomenal, and the history & political science program is amazing! I am so excited to meet new people and experience life away from home… even if it means leaving my chameleon behind!”


(11) University of Texas, Austin.

Valeria Garcia: “I choose this college because I have been in love with Texas ever since I was a little girl. The culture and life in Austin is exactly what I am looking for my future. It will bring something different that isn’t in California. I am looking forward to most is getting to experience life outside of California. I will get see what it’s like to be an adult and finally be on my own.


(12) Montana State University

Kaley Bell: Kaley states “I applied to this college because they have a good nursing program, and I am looking forward to finding myself and expanding my knowledge to better my future.”


(13) Missouri State University

Erin Rockwell: Erin chose MSU because “the school has an amazing nursing and anesthesia program which are the fields of study that [she is] interested in.” She is most looking forward to “moving to a new area and seeing how it is out in the real world” without her mom.


(14) Bethany Global University in Minnesota

Madison Ries: Madison Ries picked BGU because “it was just the perfect fit” for her. She continues by saying “I loved the small feel and the people that attend there right now! I am looking forward to living 4 minutes from a Chick-fil-a as well as meeting new people!”


(15) Concordia University of Wisconsin

Brenden Weigle: “I chose this college to continue playing football and further my education in sports management. I’m looking forward to meet new people and to play my last 4 years of football there.”

(16) University of Great Falls in Montana.

Briana Wikert: “I had the chance to visit the campus and I fell in love with it. It has everything I could ever wish for. I was also awarded a scholarship to attend the school which helped make my decision even easier. I am really looking forward to creating new friendships and continuing my academic and soccer careers. I am also really excited that I am going to be able to experience new things such as hiking and rafting.”

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Senior map: Serrano grads move on to higher ed